Grants will only be awarded which, IN COUNCIL’S OPINION, may be of benefit to all or some of the inhabitants of the parish. Before making any contribution, Council will establish that:

a) The application is from a bona-fide(or newly formed) organisation, properly constituted and administered. (For small grants of less than £400, applications from individuals acting on behalf of an organisation or recognised group MAY be considered)

b) There is a need.

c) The grant will be used for stated purpose.

d) Where appropriate, the organisation concerned is making its own efforts to raise funds.

e) The awarding of Grants will only be considered by theCouncil upon receipt of a completed Grant Application Form.

If the grant is made under Section 137 of the Local Government Act as amended, it is important that the grant given is…

“In the interests of the area or its inhabitants, and(will)benefit them in a manner commensurate with the expenditure”

In some cases Council may impose conditions before contributing, or may consider making a loan as well as, or instead of a grant.

The following criteria will assist organisations in deciding if they are eligible for assistance:

a) Applications will only be considered from voluntary and or charitable organisations.

b) The organisation must provide benefits to the public that are either free or on reasonable terms.

c) The Parish Council is keen to assist in the provision of facilities that improve the quality of life for parishioners. However, organisations should not apply for grant aid simply to improve their finances. In such cases grants WILL NOT be made.

d) Normally, only one grant application will be considered per year from any organisation.

Grant applications will fall into one of four main categories, and will be considered on this basis:

(a)Minor, (b)Major,(c)Central,(d)Emergency

Minor Grants

Minor grants will be considered by the Council, and will be up to a maximum of £250.

Whereappropriate,theamountofGrantwillbereviewed annually.

Major Grants

Major grants will be considered by the Council, and will be up to a maximum of £500.


a) Preference will be given to applications for assistance with specific projects, particularly when a grant from the Parish Council will attract aid from (in cash or kind) other sources.

b) Where appropriate, applicants must submit a copy of their latest statement ofaccounts,preferablyaudited,includingfulldetailsofanyotherfinancialassistance such as investments.

c) Applicationsinvolvinglandandallbuildingsshouldshowsomesecurityoftenure.

d) Where grant aid is sought for a specific project, a budget for the scheme must be provided. Where applicable, this should show any applications made to other bodies for grant aid.

e) Applications should be made as early as possible to enable investigation and/or forward planning by The Parish Council.

f) If planning permission is required for any project for which an application is made, no grant will be awarded until planning approval has been gained.

g) Applicants may be required to attend a Parish Council meeting to present their case.

Emergency Grants

Emergency Grants will be considered on their merit.


Applications should in the first instance be made to the Clerk at

Or by mail to Park View, Honington, Shipston on Stour CV36 5AA

Approved December 2020